Semi-permanent makeup: Eye-liner

Semi Permanent Eyeliner, allows you to achieve the most from your eyes. Whether its a subtle and minor eyelash enhancement or a total refinement of your eyelash, this treatment is the ideal method for long lasting eyeliner.

Semi Permanent eyeliner treatment creates your desired look, by resembling a large number of small eyelashes with the implantation of pigment colour in the lash line.

This treatment is amazing for those who simply cannot live without their eyeliner on, and are fed up of continuously having to re-apply makeup throughout out the day. Whether you crave a soft natural liner, or a bold line, Stephanie will create the perfect eyeliner to suit your eyes.

After your first treatment you will end up with a perfect eyeliner, that will not only refine your eyes, but will remain totally smudge free! So you will be able to wake up, with your eyeliner on ready to carry out your normal daily agendas, such as working or exercising.

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