Semi-permanent makeup

Semi permanent makeup is a brilliantly life changing treatment, which opens the doors to many options for clients with different requirements and desired looks . The treatment itself can have a huge effect on the individual, however the whole procedure is farely simple. I thought it would be good to put your mind at ease by explaining in detail how the entire procedure and experience will be for you. So i’ve broken it down into three simple steps for you to read!

  • Consultation

During the consultation I will work with you closely to fully understand what your requirements are. I will then discuss the best treatment method for you, and explain to you exactly how the treatment will proceed.

Once you are happy we will then discuss the shape of the treated area as well as the most suitable colour for you. I will test a number of pigment colours against your skin so you can see which colour you think suits you best, giving you your desired look. I will offer my expertise to help you with this decision.

During the consultation there will be a form for you to fill in. It simply outlines the procedure you are having done, and a few personal details to ensure you are fine to proceed.

  • Procedure

During the first steps of the procedure I will apply an anaesthetic to the treatment area for a required length of time. Once the anasetcic is removed, using a makeup pencil, and a specialist-measuring tool to ensure perfect symetry, I will create the desired shape, as discussed during the consultation. Once both myself and the client are happy with the guidline drawn, I will begin with the treatment.

I use specialist equipment, and sterilised needles, to carry out every single treatment. A further anastetic is also applied onto the treated area throughout the procedure, to prevent as much discomfort as possible.

Up to 2 hours is needed to carry out both the consultation and procedure.

  • Aftercare

A sheet of aftercare instructions will be handed to the client, along with a sachet of aftercare cream.

Over the next few days after treatment, the treated area might be slightly sore, and begin to scab over. Apply the aftercare onto the area twice daily, using a cotton bud.